Shabbat Rocks

Because Shabbat really does rock!


We believe in the power of music to create holy moments.

Shabbat Rocks is a musical service filled with spiritual melodies popular at many Jewish summer camps and synagogues across the country. The purpose of the Shabbat Rocks service goes beyond just an alternative to the standard service done every week.  Every month, the leaders of Shabbat Rocks choose songs with deliberate intent.  Whether it’s based on the key of the songs, the tempo, the meaning behind the lrycis, even the volume at which we sing, the songs within each service have a purpose.  We encourage people to approach this service not as one praying with music, but as one praying through music.  It is with the music itself that we attempt to create a safe, holy environment.  Come add your voice to ours.


Are you a song Leader? A musician? Singer? 

Shabbat Rocks is always looking to add to our group!

Contact Josh Dinner if you're interested.