National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board functions as a think-tank for Hillel, raising concerns and offering ideas to improve our Jewish community on campus, and better reach out to IU’s Jewish population.  The Board will also help to ensure the long-term success and growth of Hillel.

National Advisory Board members are invited to join two meetings or conference calls throughout the year. IU Hillel has an open-door policy, and all parents, alumni, and friends are welcome to visit our facilities, join us for Shabbat meals, and all other events throughout the year.

We reach out to all National Advisory Board members throughout the school year to work on a project of their choice. 

2019-2020 National Advisory Board Members

Michael Baumstein, Chair

Susie Ashbel

Marcie Bachrach

Emma Benchell

Whitney Bond

Betsy Borns

Margot Brodie

Ray Bunes

Lance DaSilva

Sharon Gerber

Ken Grossman

Adam Herman

Judy Laikin

Sidney Laikin

Dan Laikin

Dick Leventhal

Matt Levitt

Sara Levitt

Laura Linder

Carolyn Lipson-Walker

Bex Marrow

Michael Mervis

Sybil Mervis

Greg Miller

Brad Sadoff

Tony Satryn

Jill Sedley

Ian Skjodt

Jody Sobol

Brett Stern

Noah Stern

Mindy Tropp Wolff

IN ORDER TO GAIN MORE INSIGHT INTO SERVING OUR STUDENTS AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY, WE LOOK TO THE INPUT AND PARTNERSHIP of our Former Students, Parents and GRANDPARENTS of Current and Former Students, And Friends of Indiana University and Hillel.