Parent Advisory Board

In order to gain more insight into serving our students at Indiana University, we look to the input and partnership of those who know them best - Their parents.

The Parent Advisory Board is a group of current IU students' parents. It functions as a think-tank for Hillel, raising concerns and offering ideas to improve our Jewish community on campus, and better reach out to IU’s Jewish population.

Hillel is able to implement many of these initiatives through Dor L’Dor — Generation to Generation, Hillel’s Parents & Grandparent Club. And we look to the parents to help shape the direction and further develop the goals and purpose of this board.

Parent Advisory Board membership makes you a financial stakeholder in IU Hillel's future, and is contingent upon joining our Parents & Grandparents Club at either the Dor L'Dor Honor Circle or the Double Platinum Chai-Giver levels. 


For those unable to give at these levels, we encourage reaching out to others to raise the difference. 

Parent Advisory Board members will be invited to join four conference calls throughout the year, including one optional in-person meeting.  IU Hillel has an open-door policy, and all parents are welcome to visit our facilities, join us for Shabbat meals, and all other events throughout the year.

We reach out to all Parent Advisory Board members throughout the school year to work on a project of their choice. 

Contribute to IU Hillel and our Jewish community:

  • host events for other parents and students in your community.

  • Help us meet and identify any incoming freshmen from your community.

  • Work with Hillel staff and Parent Advisory Board members to plan alumni events

  • Help build IU Hillel's Shabbat Sponsorship program.

  • Use your interests to impact IU Hillel in a way that is personally meaningful.

  • Serve on the Parent Advisory Board Executive Council.