Our mission


The Helene G. Simon Hillel Center at Indiana University

The center for Jewish life on campus

Since 1938, IU Hillel has striven to create a warm, welcoming, caring Jewish family and community that celebrates Judaism and Jewish life. We support and honor the diversity of the Jewish student community at IU, and are committed to its maintenance and continuity.


We are dedicated to

assuring that Jewish college students have opportunities to recognize and develop their leadership potential and to express their Jewishness in many traditional and creative ways.

The Hillel staff, the statewide governing board (composed of experienced lay leaders from around Indiana), and the student leadership board are committed to creating a strong, diverse Hillel experience. Therefore, Hillel provides religious, cultural, and social programming opportunities to assist in the creation of a Jewish community on the IU campus.  The Student Board partners with the Hillel staff to create and implement hundreds of programs each year.  In addition there are approximately 18 student interest clubs ranging from singing to sports and business to Israel activities (see the “Clubs” menu)

Indiana Hillel is a “Jewish home away from home” for IU’s students. The Center is open 9am-9pm during the week, 9am through Shabbat dinner on Friday, and noon-8pm on Sunday. The center has a big screen TV, free Wi-Fi, a pool table as well as lots of comfortable couches to relax on. Hillel also has an open refrigerator policy for students to grab a snack or a to-go box.