The goal was to create a network with people who all have the same thing in mind-to learn and grow together.
— David Charney
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BLI's History


From Rabbi Sue

Shalom BLI Alumni,

Do you remember the delicious home-cooked Hillel meals and the great BLI speakers from your days at IU?  What did BLI mean to you?  I know that for me, BLI was and continues to be such a great opportunity to meet some of IU’s best students.  Your friendship, caring and connection to BLI meant so much to me and I enjoyed getting to know you.  I and BLI miss you and would like to reconnect with you!  I invite you to join our expanding BLI Alumni Network.

I have met so many BLI alumni who have shared with me what a difference BLI made to their time at IU and for so many it was their primary Jewish connection during their time at IU.  I am proud to say that BLI has not only continued to thrive, but has grown tremendously over the past several years.  We have over 100 members of BLI and we have speakers almost every week.  And, now, I am turning to you and asking you to get involved in BLI again through the BLI Alumni Network.

I would like to ask you to pay it forward and keep BLI free and meaningful for today’s BLI students.


Here's how you can get involved:

  • Connect with BLI on LinkedIn
  • Update us! Tell us about your past and current professional experiences since graduating. Let us know what BLI meant to you.
  • Return to IU as a featured BLI speaker.