BLI Alumni Network


Shalom BLI Alumni,

Do you remember the delicious home-cooked Hillel meals and the great BLI speakers from your days at IU?  What did BLI mean to you?  I know that for me, BLI was and continues to be such a great opportunity to meet some of IU’s best students.  Your friendship, caring and connection to BLI meant so much to me and I enjoyed getting to know you.  I and BLI miss you and would like to reconnect with you!  I invite you to join our expanding BLI Alumni Network.

I have met so many BLI alumni who have shared with me what a difference BLI made to their time at IU and for so many it was their primary Jewish connection during their time at IU.  I am proud to say that BLI has not only continued to thrive, but has grown tremendously over the past several years.  We have over 100 members of BLI and we have speakers almost every week.  And, now, I am turning to you and asking you to get involved in BLI again through the BLI Alumni Network.

I would like to ask you to PAY IT FORWARD and keep BLI FREE and meaningful for today’s BLI students.  

Here’s how you can get involved in the BLI Alumni Network:

Rabbi Sue

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Two BLI Alumni Who Have Returned as BLI Speakers:

David Moss                              
EMEA Head of Business Advisory, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc., David is an IU alum with a passion for finance in the international realm. He works in global sales, trading and researching within global markets in order to develop and execute dynamic business strategy. His success at such a young age inspired our students to continue to aim high.

David Charney
CEO of Stealth Monitoring in Dallas, Texas, David specializes in Information Technology Services. His diversified background in business as well as technology services and management proves that a well-rounded knowledge base can lead to countless opportunities. His insights into the technology realm were especially appealing to our many students who are both business and technologically minded.

Indiana Hillel’s BLI Leads the Way
“The goal was to create a network with people who all have the same thing in mind-to learn and grow together”
                                                                                                                                                                           –David Charney

How BLI Began

David Charney was one of the first students to get behind the new idea for Business Leadership Initiative. Since its founding in 1998 at IU Bloomington, the club’s unique concept has caught the attention of other college Hillel across the U.S. When asked what makes the club so special, David responded that “BLI provides a foundation for good business,” and also “offers the cultural aspect which isn’t often there”. BLI has become a “stepping stone into the real world” for dozens of students each year and is a source of pride for the IU Hillel. It has a promising future thanks to the continued involvement of eager students and its guiding alumni. For one last thought, David added the following message for all past members and future guest speakers.

“I encourage alumni to get involved, even remotely if needed, and to keep up with current student members. Even if it’s just stepping in as a mentor and answering students’ questions remotely it’s a great way to pass along job advice”

BLI in the Early Days:

304         Charney early years

Some Alumni Today:

David and jen  Adam Metzendorf David Moss Evan and wife

While the names and faces of the students at BLI have changed, and you and I may have gotten a little older, students’ appreciation for BLI remains strong:

Comments From Students Today:

Learning from business professionals at BLI has helped shape my career path. It has also contributed to making Bloomington feel like home.
                                                                                                                                      –Stephanie Goldman, Class of 2014

BLI has played a central role in my time at Indiana University. It has led to long term connections with friends and alumni.
                                                                                                                                     –Emily Barnett, Class of 2014

“Business Leadership Initiative has provided me with the opportunity to meet so many successful Jewish alumni, while developing my own leadership skills. I truly believe that BLI has been among the most important programs I have participated in at IU.”
                                                                                                                                    –Ethan Goldwasser, Class of 2013