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Club Dor L’Dor today

Club Dor L'Dor Jan 2018

We are your partners in helping to take care of your student while s/he is away from home. We are committed to providing a warm, welcoming, caring community at IU, a Jewish home away from home and ensuring the continuation of the Jewish community.

Hillel is always here for you and your child at IU. 

Every Jewish student at IU benefits from Hillel’s work to create a campus that is supportive of Jewish students and the Jewish community.  We have worked diligently with Indiana University on diversity training, and have successfully helped to create IU’s policy allowing students to be excused from classes, without penalty, for religious observances.

The programs and services that Hillel provides are very costly. It is ONLY through the GENEROSITY of parents, grandparents and alumni that we are able to offer so much to your child(ren). Please join our Parents and Grandparents Club, Club Dor L‘Dor (Generation to Generation) today! 

If you join at the following levels, your child will also receive the packages described below.

CLUB DOR L’DOR HONOR CIRCLE – $5000 (This highest giving level entitles your child to all of the packages offered)

DOUBLE PLATINUM CHAI-GIVER – $1800 (Your choice of any packages listed below delivered to your child)   

PLATINUM CHAI-GIVER – $1080 (Your choice of any 4 packages listed below delivered to your child)

GOLD CHAI-GIVER – $540 (Your choice of any 3 packages listed below delivered to your child)

SILVER CHAI-GIVER – $360 (Your choice of any 2 packages listed below delivered to your child)

BRONZE CHAI-GIVER – $180 (Your choice of any 1 package listed below delivered to your child)

Please donate at whatever level is possible for you today to build a strong and welcoming Jewish community on campus and to ensure tomorrow’s Jewish future.

The following packages are available if you invest in Hillel’s future at the levels listed above:

  • Birthday Package – On your child’s birthday, Hillel will deliver a delicious homemade, personalized birthday cake, birthday card and balloons, directly to his/her campus address.  If his/her birthday has already passed, or your child’s birthday is during a time when classes are not in session, we can deliver the cake on the date of your choice.  All care packages come personalized with a special message from you.  
  • Purim Package — Help your child celebrate this joyous festival with a goody-filled package of tasty treats!
  • Passover Package – Give your child a present of wonderful, Kosher-for-Passover delights!  Kosher-for-Passover treats can be hard to find in Bloomington, but not at Hillel!
  • Finals Week Care Package – At the beginning of finals week each semester, your child will receive a “Finals Week Care Package” of mouth-watering goodies to help him/her get through this understandably stressful time.
  • Matzah Ball Soup DeliveryA special Matzah ball soup delivery to your child for a nice warm “pick-me-up” at the end of February

 (If the grandparent of a student also chooses to generously become a Chai-Giver, the student will receive “deluxe” birthday and finals care packages!)


Club Dor L’Dor today