Kosher Dining at IU Hillel

The center of any household is the kitchen. At Hillel, we have two kosher kitchens (dairy and meat), where we prepare Shabbat and holiday meals, including our Kosher for Passover meal plan. The best part about eating at Hillel is that the leftovers are always free. Just stop by with an appetite, and help yourself!

In addition to Shabbat meals, the majority of IU Hillel's programs include free food.

we know how to get students in the door.

Hillel provides gluten-free and vegetarian options for all meals.


Open Fridge Policy

You read that right.

Who says you can’t get home cooked food at college? At Hillel you can!

Just like home, leftovers are common. We understand students’ difficult schedules, so we invite all students to come in anytime between 9am-9pm, Monday through Friday to help themselves to a kosher meal or snack.


Free matzah ball soup delivery

You read that right too.

Feeling sick? Give us a call! We deliver free matzah ball soup for sick students, because there's nothing worse than being away from home and under the weather. 


Check out our dining facilities

...and our two kosher kitchens.