Shabbat Sponsorship


Hillel at Indiana University serves as the center for Jewish life, learning and leadership for over 4000 Jewish students each year. Hillel, IU’s Jewish “home away from home” is the perfect place for students hang out, enjoy warm meals and develop lasting friendships.

Over the past ten years, the Jewish community at IU Hillel has grown tremendously. Through various clubs and programs, such as the Center for Informal Jewish Education, the Greek Jewish Council, Holiday Programming, the Student Board, Diversity Programming, Campus Superstar, the Social Media and Marketing Team, and our FIRST EVER LITTLE 500 BIKE TEAM, IU Hillel touches the lives of over 4,000 Jewish students each academic year!

A cornerstone of our program is the weekly Shabbat experience. The mouth-watering smells of freshly baked challah, matzah ball soup and roasted chicken greet each student as they enter the doors of the Hillel house every Friday night.  Shabbat at Hillel attracts approximately 150-200 students each week for Reform, Conservative and Orthodox services followed by a free home cooked Shabbat dinner.

However, Shabbat dinner costs close to $2000 each week. Although the Hillel Shabbat experience is free for students, it is not free! With rising food costs, difficult economic times for many and an increasing number of Jewish students joining us each week, this meaningful and important Shabbat experience is becoming more difficult to fund.

Now more than ever, the young Jewish leaders of tomorrow need your help. Shabbat at Hillel enables students to express themselves through song, empower themselves through group prayer and build a lasting commitment to the Jewish community and meaningful Shabbat traditions. We rely on YOU and other caring friends, alumni and parents so the students of IU Hillel can continue to experience Shabbat dinners in their “Jewish home away from home” and become community’s leaders of the future. Please also feel free to join us anytime for services at 6:30pm and dinner at 7:30pm.

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