Kosher Dining

Who says you can’t get home cooked food at college? At Hillel you can!

Kosher Cafe
Enjoy home cooked Kosher dinner Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Hillel from 5:30pm-7:00pm during the academic year.  Meals are included with the Kosher Meal Plan (see below) or can be purchased a la carte for $8 with Discover Hillel Card or $11 without the card.

Kosher Meal Plan
Indiana University, in conjunction with the Helene G. Simon Hillel Center, offers a Kosher Meal Plan for the 2015-2016  school year.

Click Here to Purchase the Kosher Meal Plan

All food is prepared at Hillel in our kosher kitchens (one dairy and one meat) to guarantee strict kashrut observance. Meals are served in the comfort of the the Hillel dining room, conveniently located on 3rd Street across from Swain Hall (and across from multiple bus stops).

There are no refunds on Kosher Cafe or Kosher Meal Plans.

Open Fridge Policy:

Just like home, leftovers are common. We understand students’ difficult schedules, so we invite all students to come in anytime between 9am-5pm Monday – Friday and help themselves to leftovers – great for a mid-day snack!  Kosher Cafe or the Sports Grille menu are available for purchase in the evenings or on Sundays.  

Kosher Café (Mon-Wed)   5:30 to 7:00pm
FREE Shabbat Dinner after services
(Take out boxes available to fit all schedules)

Kosher Meal Plan Includes:

  • Kosher Café (Mon., Tues. & Wed.)
    On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights enjoy a home cooked kosher meat meal.  Meals are served buffet style and include chicken, chicken nuggets, meatloaf, fajitas, burgers, hot dogs, chili & more. 
  • Friday Night Shabbat Dinner
    On Friday, after services, we offer a family style Shabbat dinner.  We serve gourmet chicken, brisket, matzah ball soup, and other traditional foods.  (Free to all students)
  • Discover Hillel Card (Included with purchase of meal plan) 
    The Discover Hillel Card (a $75 value) is a discount card that can be used for discounts on Hillel functions and Passover meals.  The DH Card also allows students to charge the cost of Hillel programs to home.  For more info on the DH Card, please see the DH pamphlet or visit our website. 

Note: All meals are all you can eat buffet style .  The Kosher Meal Plan does NOT include meals during the week of Passover, but does include High Holiday Meals.

Kosher Meal Plan Pricing

Students living in the residence halls who wish to participate in the Kosher Meal Plan through Hillel should contract for the Standard meal Plan (value $3,200) with RPS. Students need to contract with and make payment for the Kosher Meal Plan with Hillel. Upon receipt of payment, Hillel informs RPS of your decision and then RPS will makes a corresponding credit to your bursar account of $300 for the fall semester, RPS will process a similar credit after spring semester bills are generated ($300), reaching $600 in total RPS dining credits.  The Kosher Meal Plan will cost students an additional $250.  Students will also see a corresponding adjustment in their I-BUCKS account each semester as well (Reduction of 120 I-BUCKS). If you have not already purchased a university meal plan, please take care of contracting for the Standard Plan.

 RPS Standard Meal Plan                          $3200 for academic year
RPS Reduction (Bursar Refund)              -$600 ($300/semester)
 Kosher Meal Plan (Hillel)                           $800 
 Total Cream Mini Plan & Kosher Meals $3200 + $200 for academic year

Students NOT in Residence Halls:
If you are NOT living in a University residence hall, and you are NOT planning on purchasing an RPS Meal Plan, the cost of the Kosher Meal Plan is $850 for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

Payment for Kosher Meal Plan: Payment of $850 for the Kosher Meal Plan must be paid in full to the Helene G. Simon Hillel Center and submitted with the registration form or on this website (see below).

Please note: If you are participating in both the Kosher and RPS meal plan and have paid the University, you must still submit payment in full ($850) to Hillel.  Shortly after, you will be credited $600 in two installments on your Bursar account ($300/ semester). 

Your Kosher Meal Plan Card will be mailed to you or be available to be picked up at Hillel shortly after receipt of the registration.

Click Here to Purchase the Kosher Meal Plan

Sample Menus:

Deli Night
Tomato Soup
Pasta and Potato Salads

BBQ and Buffalo Hot Wings
French Fries

Asian Night:
Kung Pao Chicken
Fried Rice
Teriyaki Vegetables