Indiana University Hillel Grandparent Council

Grandparents hold a very special place in their grandchildrens’ hearts and play a very important role in transmitting Jewish life, values and community to their grandchildren.  At Hillel, we recognize this valuable relationship and ask for the wisdom and input of our students’ grandparents.  The Grandparents Council looks to you, our students’ grandparents, for guidance, support and advice on how to best reach out to the students on campus and how to further strengthen Jewish life at IU.  

Please consider joining Hillel’s Grandparent Council.  We will have 4-5 conference calls throughout the year and you will be invited to attend Hillel gatherings in your community.  If you would like, you will be able to help with planning IU Hillel get togethers in your community.  For more information, contact Phillip at 812-606-6586 or

Hillel Grandparent Council Gift Levels:

All gifts are multiples of Chai — written with the number 18 — the Hebrew word for life.  Your gift is ensuring the vibrancy of Jewish life on campus!

$18,000 — Builder of Jewish Life on Campus
$10,800 — Guardian of Jewish Life on Campus
$5,400 —  Sustainer of Jewish Life on Campus
$3,600 — Contributor to Jewish Life on Campus
$1,800 — Investor in Jewish Life on Campus

Click here to join Hillel’s Grandparent Council

Your grandchild will receive several care packages from Hillel in recognition of your generosity:

  • Birthday Package – On your child’s birthday, Hillel will deliver a delicious homemade, personalized birthday cake, birthday card and balloons, directly to his/her campus address.  If his/her birthday has already passed, or your child’s birthday is during a time when classes are not in session, we can deliver the cake on the date of your choice.  All care packages come personalized with a special message from you.  
  • Hanukkah Package – Help your child celebrate this joyous festival with a goody-filled package of tasty treats!
  • Passover Package – Give your child a present of wonderful, Kosher-for-Passover delights!  Kosher-for-Passover treats can be hard to find in Bloomington, but not at Hillel!
  • Finals Week Care Package – At the beginning of finals week each semester, your child will receive a “Finals Week Care Package” of mouth-watering goodies to help him/her get through this understandably stressful time.