Formerly called P180

X170 Leadership Classes

These 1 credit IU courses are designed to be fun and practical while providing a great way to meet friends and get involved at Hillel. This course is Pass/Fail and may be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 3 credit hours. A student may only take one X170 course per semester.

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Each section meets once a week. Classes are Pass/Fail and students will be graded on attendance, active participation, and a journal or special class project depending on the course.

The Course is Called Leadership in Jewish Studies or JSTU-X170 (1 cr. each)

Register for one of these 2016 SPRING SEMESTER X170 classes when you sign up for your fall semester classes.

To sign up for any of these 1 Credit Courses go to Onestart, then to student center, then to Register and Drop/Add, click on Fall 2016, and enter the course number listed below for JSTU-X170


Get 1 hour of IU credit for getting involved at Hillel

Sign up when you register for your classes (or add) at one.iu.edu JSTU-X170

Jewish Cooking – 2 sections: #11686 Wednesdays at 2pm and #11687 Thursdays at 3pm (maximum of 25 per section)
In Jewish Cooking, students will explore that art of the deliciously crafted meals that your Jewish mother or grandmother once cooked for you. Students will go on a Jewish journey through their taste buds cooking different Jewish foods from Challah to Kugel to foods in the far off homeland of Israel.

Jewish Medical Ethics: Wednesdays at 1pm #11688
Exploration of contemporary ethical issues arising from technological and medical advances. To encourage thought and conversation about these issues based on Jewish sources and contemporary texts. Some issues that will be explored are reproductive technologies, abortion, organ donation and receipt, genetic screening, euthanasia etc.

Israel Among the Nations – Tuesdays at 4pm #11689
What is Israel’s role in the world? Learn and discuss Israel’s relationship with other nations across the globe, technology, advancements and more.

Judaism in the 21st Century – Mondays at 2pm #11690
Exploring what it means to be Jewish today and what it means to be Jewish in America.

Leadership for Upperclassmen – TBA #11691
Leadership experiences tailored to you and your affiliations. Please speak to Hillel staff prior to registering.

Campus Superstar/Event Planning – Time/Day TBA #12377
Be a part of a huge fundraiser for Hillel at IU! Campus Superstar is a state-wide singing competition for any student in Indiana. As part of this class, you will have the opportunity to plan, market, and implement this large venture, and in this 12th year of the competition it is sure to be bigger than ever!

2nd – 8 week classes:

Jews in the Media and Pop Culture – Tuesday at 3-5 pm #12933
Come watch, learn, and discuss about how Jews are portrayed in TV shows, movies, and the media. We will explore the image and stereotypes of Jews in the pop culture world and discuss the validity of these portrayals.

Jewish Summer Camp; History and Mystery: Thursday at 3-5 pm #17121
A survey of the history of Jewish summer camping in America. Discussions regarding the essential elements of Jewish summer camp programming, administration and philosophy. Discussion and comparison of Jewish camps in the Reform, Conservative, JCC and other communities.

President: Contact Rabbi Sue at hillel@indiana.edu