Are you interested on being on a Hillel Intramural team???
IU Hillel will be signing up for many different Intramural sports this year. The first Fall session sign ups are happening now. If you would like to play Flag Football (coed), Futsal (coed indoor soccer) Tennis (singles or doubles) and Bags (teams of 2).

  Please email Levi Snow at with what sport you would like to play and we will sign up the teams through rec sports.

It is going be so much fun so email Levi as soon as you can!!!!
Be on the lookout for more information in the coming days about the other Fall sessions!

Every year, Hillel has fall, winter and spring Intramurals teams. Typical fall sports include Flag Football and Ultimate Frisbee, our winter sports are basketball and dodge ball, and spring sports are softball and kickball. When you play intramural sports with Hillel, it is absolutely FREE! And not only do you get to play for free, but it is a great informal way to meet people and come together for a fun and active program. If you’re an all-star at a sport, great! If you’re a beginner, great too! We don’t discriminate based on your level of play and just want to have fun and try to represent Hillel in the best possible light.

President: Contact Jess Goldblatt or Dylan Singer for more information

Meetings: 1378036800